Areas of Emphasis
  • - Anger Management
  • - Anxiety Coping Techniques 
  • - Boundary Issues
  • - Codependency
  • - Couples Communication
  • - Recovery from Affairs
  • - Depression Coping Techniques
  • - EFT
  • - EMDR
  • - Marriage Counseling
  • - Self-Esteem Building
  • - Trauma Recovery

Testimonials from Patients

"I received a great service working with such an encouraging, supportive, caring and truly beneficial counselor, Linda Hartman. In a period of my life where things around me were changing so constantly and quickly, I was having difficulty keeping a calm mind and heart and every day was a struggle with anxiety and nervousness. Linda not only helped to overcome my personal fears and anxiety, she also helped to strengthen my interpersonal relationships and helped me gain confidence. I am deeply grateful for such a Godly and supportive environment and such a loving and dedicated counselor." - Young Professional Married Man

"My wife and I are still together thanks in part to Linda’s tough approach to counseling. I hope that she continues to do God’s work in restoring harmony in the homes of those that are hurting." - Distressed Couple

"Thank you, Linda for allowing God to use you as an instrument to help people heal. I know He has done the healing but He used you because you are willing. I will be forever thankful for you. You saved my life. I wouldn't be here if it were not for you." - Single Woman

“I had been participating in conventional therapy for a few years prior to meeting Linda. From the start she had mentioned EMDR to me and explained it as a form of therapy that would help me to reprocess the traumas of my past that had continually caused me severe anxiety and depression. I had issues with crowds, loud noises, confrontations in daily life, I was unable to express my feelings, etc. After only a handful of sessions I had noticeable improvement in my overall quality of life. My husband pointed out to me that I had done a complete 180 and was a totally different person. I cannot reiterate enough how much EMDR has changed my life. I recommend Linda to anyone who might hint at the idea of seeking counseling because I believe she uses her skills to listen but also to teach you how to listen and change yourself.” Read more of this testimonial here. - Trauma Survivor

My husband and I moved after our counseling with you. I have finally let go of all the anger, thoughts, and images. The huge black cloud hanging over me has finally left. I am feeling good about myself again. Thank you so much for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself or my marriage. I never wish that pain on anyone, even my worst enemy. I am such a happy person again. I can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you! I have helped 4 couples that recently went through the same thing. It's rough, but they too have stuck through it. We all know it's the great man above. We can't do it without Him, and I thank Him a lot. Thank you and God bless! - Military Wife

A year ago we started Cognitive Behavior Therapy sessions. I want to send a huge "thank you" for giving me new tools to deal with my anxiety. I am doing a much better job of identifying negative thoughts and self-defeating beliefs. Many thanks! - Military Wife


"Linda, these flowers may last only a few days. But what you've given to me will last a lifetime. With God's blessings, thank you." - Trauma Survivor